on a Monday morning


Bank holidays are always a let down. The sun doesn’t shine. Friends have escaped from Dodge City. I am left alone, rocking.

This Monday was a bit different.

On Sunday I realised that a twitter gathering had been planned for Monday. I immediately said that there was no way I could go. Then I checked the train times. And then I rationalized spending £50 on a train ticket.

So on a Bank Holiday Monday I woke up at a REALLY ungodly hour of 6.30 (it exists, who knew!). I staggered down to the station, ate a stale croissant and after a few hours arrived at Paddington. I was determined not to head straight for my mecca (Top Shop or Liberty’s, I’m fickle) and instead headed straight for Covent Garden and a pie shop.And then the lovely @anwen sent a text saying she was in t’pub, so off I skuttled. Only walking the wrong way up Floral Street once, which was OK as I really wanted to know what the donkey box (not even a horse box, a special donkey box) was doing outside the Royal Ballet. I didn’t find out. But I did find the pub, which was serving Stowfords (coals to Newcastle) and had a mouse running around (gah, London & your fancy ways). Then @Biltawulf turned up & conversation turned to cannibals. Luckily @iamjamesward and @wowser turned up, followed by @themanwhofell who complained about the smell (the blessings of a cold, couldn’t smell anything). Then @OyeBilly, @mondoagogo, @lbrsarah (beautiful, lovely skin), @mapsidaisical and @AuntSelly completed the gathering.  I was given the post-its that James Ward had stolen from @mandrewb at #stationeryclub3It was lovely of James Ward to embark on a life of crime for me. Then another crime was committed when @wowser pub mustard on his chips (the horror, the horror). We then moved onto a less smelly pub, where we all sat around writing postcards to Adam Ant (because what an eighties pop start in a mental health ward really needs is postcards from mad people in a pub).Soon it was time for me to leave. It was lovely to have normal conversations with people (about Lud, work, life) and then have a conversation about Steve Strange, chairs, halal sandwiches (think they are promised at the next #stationeryclub) and pickled eggs in pints of guiness, amongst other random topics. It was also reassuring to discover I wasn’t the only person still living at home with parents (or as I could call the, my house mates). I left before the mild orgy started, and missed meeting the other #stationeryclub members who turned up for that. It really was worth 6 hours on a train for, especially as I have to be sensible & realise I  may not be able to attend every proper #stationeryclub in the future (and who knows how long it will last, now the News of the World know about it), as I am rapidly running out of holiday time & coming up to a busy time at work (hello Christmas). So I have to grab any opportunity that comes my way for meeting the wonderful selection of people that are now floating through my life because of twitter. And of course I missed all my friends who couldn’t make it, but I did get a very  l o n g  hug from @Biltawulf, which was nice, even though he has no idea about music or shopping!

On the train I knew when I was nearly home as the train announcements were in Welsh. And the view from the train was all green hills & dandelion covered fields. I love being in London, but I also love home.


4 Responses to “on a Monday morning”

  1. 1 lnt89

    Oh dear. Stationery Club 3.5 has been blogged about before I’ve even done my Stationery Club 3.0 one. I’d better have an unproductive day today, hadn’t I…

  2. Lovely blog post. I feel guilty about not having been able to make it across town when you made it across the country for it.

    Hopefully catch you at the next one.

  3. @RedEaredRabbit will definitely been up for the picnic, and few days before too. You must come to the picnic, @LNT89 is promising to bring marshmallow rice krispy cakes!


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